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Organic Scalp Treatments

1 2 3 Organic Scalp TreatmentsAt Organic Hair Professional, our organic scalp treatments serve to redeem your long-gone thick, healthy and shiny hair. We do it using a combination of natural ingredients and scalp recipes. Bid goodbye to dry, flaky, acne-ridden and dandruff-prone scalp, as it gets a new touch[…]


Cut and Style

1 2 3 StyleUnwind after a long day with a blowout that uses products containing essential oils and plant extracts, free of parabens and sulphates. Book a makeup session too if you are heading out for an important function. Wash & Blowout From $35 Event Updo From $80 Makeup From[…]


Organic Colour

1 2 3 4 5 6 Organic ColorEverything looks better in colour. Choose from an array of brilliant nuances by Nature’s Organic Sense, a natural alternative to traditional hair colouring, enriched with natural, organic and biodynamic active ingredients. All colours are 100% parabens free. There are selections with no PPD[…]


Organic Perm & Straightening

1 Organic Perm & StraighteningOrganic Mode’s perm and straightening series contain 93% organic ingredients (ECOCERT organic certified emulsifier) including hydrolysed what, soybeans PPT, Vitamin C & E, and natural rose oil. Free of mineral oils and parabens, the non-ammonia lotion’s exclusive waving system gives optimum curl results while preventing over-processing[…]


Organic Hair Treatments

1 2 3 4 Organic Hair TreatmentsRehydrate thirsty hair with these hydrating treatments that seal in moisture, strengthen and smooth while controlling frizz. Moreover, using an extensive list of safe, natural cosmetics and hair products, we will give you possibly the best hair treatment services here in Singapore. NATURE’S ORGANIC[…]


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